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Trucking Furs, Scalies, etc.
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This community is for anybody who's a fur, scaly, or anything like that, and also who are employed as a truck driver.

Of course, I don't really expect to see many members or posters, so...

But, anyways...

Also, it seems to me that the community has gained beings not a trucker and a furry. I may be making blind accusations, though. But, as I mentioned above, to be part of this community, one must be a trucker and a fur. Or a fur interested in the

I won't chase off the ones that this doesn't apply to that are currently of the community, but I'm going to try to actively limit who joins to that criteria from now on. (04/28/07)

If you really want to join, then send a request to join, and put somewhere your furry/otherkin/etc. species and who you drive for or interested in driving for.
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